Children of God

In 1974, astronomers in Colorado receive an unnerving extraterrestrial message, challenging our understanding of humanity’s place in the universe. Then, in 1982, the first true Artificial Intelligence is developed, and the course of human history for the next Thousand years is set on an unimaginable path.

1974- First Contact

CONFIDENTIAL From official Transcript at Radio Telescope Lab, California, August 21 1974 9:03 pm Rogers:That’s a shift 32 degrees West. Smith: Correct. Davidson: Whoa. Smith: What’s that? Davidson: I’m getting something pretty strange here. Rogers: Describe. Davidson: The wavelength sounds like a radio signal. Smith: A neutron star? Rogers: Could be but there haven’t been […]

1982- Intelligence

EXCERPT FROM THE TRUE STORY OF FREDDIE; THE FIRST AI By Michael Strider – Darton Herald It is November 14, 1982. I’d received a tip from a friend about a scientist in New York who studies robotics, named Dr. Howard Warner. I’d been told that Dr. Warner recently made a breakthrough. Supposedly he’s found a […]